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Full · Metal · Alchemist · Roleplayers

A roleplay search community

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Name/Nickname: Julia

Literacy level: on a scale of 1 to 10? 9.6? :D :D :D Sometimes I forget capitalization, but punctuation and grammar are my bread and butter.

How many paragraphs per post, on average: 3 fat paragraphs, on the reg. Longer when necessary. I'm a very descriptive third person writer.

Favourite Genre of roleplay: slice of life, action, romance, angst, long standing games? Dunno, a bit of everything, really. It depends on the other player, and how you can bounce off their writing style.

Rating for roleplay: All ratings.

The Charecters you can play/prefer to play: Edward, Roy (Prefer Ed, looking for a Roy! Or an Al for some brocest, but I'm malleable. >D >D >D )

Manga/Anime: Anime? But isn't Brotherhood running closer to the Manga?

Orientation: I'm down with everything, though yaoi is my favorite.

Seme/Seke/Uke: seke >D

Favourite pairings: RoyXEd, AlxEd, AlXEdXRoyxWinry

Do you use plots: Sure, I like to chat with my other first and sort of figure out a mutual interest? I like staying cannon if possible, but I've been known to go AU slice of life now and again. Ed and Roy are dispatched on business and get stuck in the snow, Ed and Al go home for the anniversary of their mother's death, hyjinx around central, and of course, the ALWAYS LUCRATIVE Munich 1921 post Shamballa doubles relationships and scenarios. (My personal favorite. XD if you like mary sues or sort of doing your own thing, post-movie FMA is great for that because you get to sort of reinvent the personalities of the cloned characters. cool!)

What you can't stand in a roleplay: mary sues, posts under 2 short paragraphs, bad grammar or punctuation, furries or other animal costumes, godmodding

How you can be contacted;

email: Gumbabar@yahoo.com or AIM: WizardFistfight

I would be willing to set up a forum for people to play on outside of this board, for sure. :D
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If you want to join this community, you must post your;


Literacy level: (illiterate-semiliterate-literate-above)

How many paragraphs per post, on average:

Favourite Genre of roleplay: (adventure, horror, mystery, suspense)
Rating for roleplay: (K+, T, M, NC-17)

The Charecters you can play/prefer to play: (Roy, Riza, Winry, Edward, e.t.c)

Manga/Anime: (or both)

Orientation: Is there Yaoi? Yuri? Hetero? Or are you allright with roleplaying all three?

Seme/Seke/Uke: Are you more dominent? (seme) Both? (seke) Or more submissive? (uke)

Favourite pairings: EXAMPLE; EnvyxRoy, RoyxEd, EnvyxEd, AlxEd

Do you use plots: (If so, post some of your ideas here for an example)

What you can't stand in a roleplay:

How you can be contacted;

DO NOT post on the board. The board is for applications/profiles only. Take your roleplays to a seperate place; whether it be your email or profile is no concern to me.

Allright, I'm done being a nag. XD

If you have any complaints/ suggestions for this, please contact me by cell or by email.
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